From the annals of history…

The “Zum Löwen” inn

The social epicentre of the settlement that is now Dielsdorf was once the square at the lower end of the village, where there were probably a few benches. Children played there, burghers held their local assizes according to Germanic custom, women gathered for a chat, and the elderly sat there in the evenings. There was always something to see, for the road to Zurich passed through here. Pious pilgrims, journeymen, soldiers and travelling students could all be seen wandering past.

If these travellers wanted to eat, drink and stay the night, they could do so at the nearby “Zum Löwen” (Lion) inn, which for a long period was the only such establishment in the village. This guesthouse was probably already standing when the area was under aristocratic rule, and is mentioned in the Austrian tax register of 1305. This leads us to believe that the inn took its name from the heraldic lion  of the Habsburgs rather than that of Zurich.

In a history spanning more than 700 years, the Hotel Restaurant Löwen has developed its own unique character. Many generations have carried the tradition of hospitality into the modern age – and we have successfully cultivated that tradition to this day.